GLP-1 (SAXENDA, RYBELSUS) Explanation and Consent Form

GLP-1 is a hormone that everyone possesses. Normally, it is secreted from the small intestine when we eat and transported to the pancreas through the bloodstream. The pancreas is an organ that produces insulin, and when GLP-1 acts on the pancreas, insulin secretion increases, leading to a decrease in blood sugar levels. However, insulin is released from the pancreas by the action of GLP-1 only when blood sugar levels are high.

GLP-1 also has various physiological effects, such as promoting glucagon secretion, inhibiting gastric acid secretion, and suppressing the appetite center.

However, the secretion of GLP-1 varies from person to person, and individuals with low secretion tend to gain weight, while those with high secretion tend to lose weight, influencing their constitution.

For individuals with a tendency to gain weight, the “GLP1 Diet” can effectively lead them to a constitution that makes weight loss easier (resistant to weight gain). This can be achieved by self-injecting once daily, gradually transforming the body into a constitution that is more prone to weight loss (less prone to weight gain).

Side Effects:

  1. Hypoglycemia
    Hypoglycemia is a state in which blood sugar levels fall below the normal range. If the following symptoms occur, take glucose immediately: Cold sweats, headache, loss of consciousness, palpitations, blurred vision, abnormal behavior, rapid pulse, hunger pangs, seizures, trembling of the hands and feet, drowsiness (excessive yawning), coma, pale face.

<How to Take Glucose>
Drink containing glucose (150-200ml): juice, soft drinks, etc. – Lick sugar cubes or candy.

  1. Stomach symptoms
    GLP-1 delays the emptying of food from the stomach, which contributes to weight control. However, some individuals may experience initial side effects such as stomach discomfort, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In most cases, these symptoms improve over time, but if you feel unwell, please consult the clinic. Rarely, allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, rash, palpitations, and anaphylactic shock may occur. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop using the medication immediately and consult the nearest medical facility.

General Course After Treatment
There may be individual differences, but bruising at the injection site, pain during injection, tightness, and heat sensation are possible.

Exchange and Refund Policy
In principle, we do not accept exchanges or refunds. We also cannot take responsibility for any trouble that arises from inappropriate use or the use of non-genuine parts.

I have received sufficient explanation and understanding regarding the effects and side effects of the treatment mentioned above by the medical practitioner at Baum Cosmetic Surgery, and I hereby give consent to undergo the treatment.

Furthermore, I confirm that I do not have any objections to the treatments and procedures performed at Baum Cosmetic Surgery and provide my consent accordingly.

In the event of a medical accident, I agree to provide my medical records, examination records, etc., as materials to the insurance company that your facility subscribes to, to determine the eligibility for insurance benefits.

I understand and consent to the above exchange and refund policies.

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